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Though an interest in genealogy research is not necessary for membership in the NSDAR, many members nevertheless possess a passion for family history research, as proving one's lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolutionary War is a requirement to become a member. The NSDAR is here to assist you in your research. A variety of helpful resources may be found on the NSDAR website, and prospective members may also contact their local chapter (more than 3,000 chapters exist throughout the United States and worldwide) for research guidance. For those just beginning their search, the NSDAR offers useful tips for starting the journey, as well as links to a great many databases and genealogical websites, including the NSDAR Genealogical Research System (GRS)

Genealogy Research Books and Records
Woodhull Genealogy
Ketewamoke Chapter Bible Records
Historical Letters

Hear how the DAR can Help with Your Research

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