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Historic Preservation

From the very start of the DAR, one of the central aims of our organization has been  historic preservation. Members are involved in a wide variety of projects dedicated to ensuring that the history of our nation is preserved for generations to come. Preservation efforts include commemorations and memorials, restoring and maintaining historical sites, locating and marking patriot headstones, and preserving genealogical records, artifacts, and historical documents.

Chief among the historical preservation efforts of the Ketewamoke Chapter NSDAR has been to preserve our historic chapter house. Built in 1837, the building was originally the First Universalist Society Church. On April 2, 1914, the newly-incorporated Ketewamoke Chapter NSDAR purchased the historic structure to be used as a chapter house. Our members are proud that our beloved home is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and are dedicated to ensuring that this historic gem is properly maintained and enjoyed by our members and the local community alike far into the future.

In addition to our efforts on behalf of our chapter house, the Ketewamoke Chapter NSDAR has been active in working to preserve our community's history from the time of our inception in 1907. Our members have dedicated markers and memorials (including a marker commemorating the Revolutionary War patriots dedicated in 1931 in Huntington, New York), worked to clean and restore the historic tombstones of patriots in our community, and have carefully curated a collection of genealogical data, documents, books, photos, post cards, and numerous items of historical importance.

Program from the 17th Continental Congress NSDAR
Ketewamoke Chapter Doll Collection
2018-11-08 16.07.58_edited.jpg
Ketewamoke Chapter Doll Collection
Interior Ketewamoke Chapter House
Interior Ketewamoke Chapter House
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